About us

ACL Anodizing s.r.o., is located in Jablonec nad Nisou and specializes in the surface treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloy products by way of anodizing, only for series and hight-volume contracts.

Our company has been anodizing aluminium and its alloys since 2005; it is one of the very few companies capable of processing to the most demanding specifications for both technical and decorative anodizing for high-volume serial contracts.

In early 2008, our company was certified under IATF 16949.

Our services:

Mechanical pretreatments:

This aims to prepare the surface of parts for anodizing.  In our company, these are performed on two robotic Cimotec and four SHL lines where we can grind, polish, or brush the parts as necessary. This pretreatment is very efficient and flexible, and can be adjusted for various product ranges


Our company offers a wide range of surface treatments for aluminium and its alloys:

  • Natural anodizing, pretreatment E0 – Degreasing and deoxidizing, semi-gloss.
  • Mechanical grinding E1 – Surface pretreatment for anodizing.
  • Mechanical brushing E2 – Surface pretreatment for anodizing.
  • Mechanical polishing E3 – Surface pretreatment for anodizing.
  • Natural anodizing, pretreatment E6 – Etching, satin (matte) anodized finish.
  • Electrolytic polishing E7 – No mechanical pretreatments.
  • Black anodizing E0 or E6 and then EV1/EV6– Soaking in black paint after anodizing.
  • Electrolytic polishing E8 – Past ground and/or polished before anodizing, gloss finish after anodizing.
  • Electrolytic dyeing of anodized according to the shade – After anodization is followed by electrolytic dyeing
  • Blacking pressure casting – Etching, soaking in black organic color after Anodizing


Assembly- Packaging:

ACL Anodizing has become a system supplier for many industries. As part of our service, we therefore also offer the assembly of products anodized by us together with other parts supplied by our customers, and/or other operations such as perforation, riveting, stamping, drilling, etc. For these assembly and machining operations, we are prepared to equip our workshops with special technologies and peripherals dedicated to individual products as required by our customers.

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